Working in the UK from abroad

International Candidates

You will see that all our vacancies are based within the UK, and this section provides information for those who are looking to work here.

The UK has fairly strict rules on who can work here, we have listed some of the more common methods below. We have provided links for you to follow:

HSMP - Highly Skilled Migrant Programme

This is a points based system for skilled workers, and points are awarded for age, education, earnings. The Home office gives approval and provides the right for the individual to work in the UK. This is the most popular way to undertake a working Visa

To find out more complete the Skillclear's online HSMP assessment.

Employer Sponsored UK Work Permit

This type of VISA must be applied for by the employer, there are a number of types of permits available. The employer will need to show work permits UK that they are a real business and have a real beed for the potential employee - i.e - You!

Working Holiday VISA

This type of VISA is only available to some commonwealth countries and candidates between a certain age. This type of VISA is for workers who are looking to work and holiday at the same time. This is avfcery popular way of working short term for Australian and New Zealanders.

Further UK immigration information:

Skillclear Immigration services - our preferred partner for immigration, work permit ans visa advice and assistance.

Home Office - Working in the UK - For information on their routes open to Foreign Nationals who want to work in the UK.

UK Visas - For visa information from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

National Insurance Registration:

You will need to obtain a National Insurance number to work in the UK. Whether you are working self employed, or employed, you can arrange an appointment with your local job centre or call 0845 600 0643 between 8am-6pm. They will arrange an interview and an application is completed. You will need to take documentation to prove your eligibility to work in the UK.

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