Our Services

So you know what you're going to get when you register with let's explain a few basics:

When you contact us we will take on the responsibility of finding you a position based on your specification that you provide us at interview stage. We will take you through the process of finding a position, arranging interviews, and negotiating terms and salaries upon completion-keeping in touch at all times during the process.

Locum Employment

This is a very popular choice for many professionals in the UK whether you are in between permanent positions and looking for a stop gap, travelling or looking to return to work after time out, we offer several advantages.

The market for locums in the UK is always busy meaning that candidates with experience will be in constant demand.

Locuming is a great way to expand your knowledge of different practice and work in different environments. We cover the UK as a whole and can generally find you work wherever you are looking.

We can provide advice on financial matters such as working via a limited company or self employed.

We have access to the UK's top dental groups and can often provide vacancies to which other agencies don't have access to.

Permanent Employment

Using an agency in order to secure a permanent position is the easiest and stress free and way to change positions. We are in contact with thousands or practices throughout the UK which enables us to match the most relevant position for you based on your requirement. We can also arrange temporary positions for you in the short term while we find the right position- keeping your skills sharp and up to date.

We will provide employment advice and assistance to you and will always negotiate your salary and package in order to get you the best deal.

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